Benefits of Using the Right Body Pillow For Pregnancy

There is so much that expectant papers would like to discover at the time the mother’s pregnancy is confirmed. Everyone is so excited to have everything ready. Both parents might even have a name in mind or what they would like the baby to do when the child comes to age. Even with the so many positive things that pregnancy offers, there are also a lot of unpleasant things that it can bring in. One of these is the physical pains that the expectant mother experiences as the pregnancy progress. The pressure of the added weight becomes difficult to bear, at times, that you may find it difficult to sleep at night or rest during the day.

As your belly expands with the growing baby inside it, you may find your comfortable positions becoming less and less. However, as a soon-to-be mother, you will need all the rest that you can get. As your body copes with your pregnancy, you will need all the support that you can get from anything other than within you.

One of the best solutions that will ease the discomfort that you may feel like your uterus and your skin expands is to have the best pillow for pregnancy. Read on to find out the benefits that you can get when you use a pillow for pregnancy.

So what is a pillow for pregnancy or pregnancy pillow?

This kind of pillow is one that you would rather want to have around you all the time once you have finally had one. It is a huge, cushiony pillow primarily designed for the expectant mom. It comes in various shapes and sizes. They can keep you in a comfortable position. With one of these pregnancy pillows, you can ease the pain that you may feel on your neck, shoulder, and other parts of your body. As a result, you will have a better sleep and you will feel rejuvenated when you wake up.

Even if you are not pregnant, you can benefit from it, however. They can be a great pillow for those who have just had a surgery and those who just want to have a better sleep experience. You can also use this if you need extra support or would just like the feel of having a huge body pillow that you can snuggle up to.

  1. A pillow for pregnancy provides support to your body. Your body form will change dramatically as your pregnancy progresses. Because of this, you will need more support for the various parts of the body. This can ease much of the discomfort that you may feel. Expectant moms who may experience aching neck or back will find having a pillow to rest on while lying in a half-fetal position quite comforting.

Take, for instance, the Premium Total Body J Shaped Pillow. You can use a pillow such as this to align your knees and hips to help relieve the pressure that you may feel from your spine down to your back and hips. Continuously doing this can also help improve your body’s alignment.

  1. Using one of these super cozy pillows can improve blood circulation. Healthcare experts recommend having pregnant women sleep on their left side as the body expands in response to the developing baby inside the belly. This does not only aligns the baby to the optimal position for birth. It also allows the blood in the body to flow properly as it provides the needed support, thus relieving pressure on your body. A full-length pillow like the Down Alternative Premium 15″ x 100″ Total Body Pillow gives overall support for the body. Tuck it between your knees or use as a wedge underneath your lower back to provide support where it’s needed.
  2. A pregnancy pillow can ease allergies. When you are expecting, you are prone to infections, rashes, and allergies. Using a hypoallergenic pregnancy pillow like the Purflo Cool Comfort Pregnancy Pillow that is designed with Coolmax technology that can prevent you from getting too hot. It can give your bump, back, and neck adequate support while allowing you to you avoid unpleasant reactions when you are using it.
  3. Sleeping in one of these pregnancy pillows can help when you have heartburn. This is a common concern for pregnant women, especially those who are in the later part of their pregnancy. As your condition won’t allow you to take medications to treat heartburn or acid reflux, you may need a treatment alternative. Having a heartburn can be difficult, particularly if you need to take the much-needed rest. Fortunately, you can now find many pregnancy pillows that can help you relieve heartburn.

A study conducted at the Cleveland Clinic used a candy-cane shaped pillow to test its effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of GERD.  Using this pillow system, they found out that 65% of those the subjects experienced an improvement with their condition while 49% experienced an improvement in their sleep quality.

  1. Allowing a pregnancy pillow to support you while you are lying on your side will keep you resting in a good position. This will keep you from changing position, so you’ll have a more satisfying and longer sleep.
  2. You can keep a pregnancy pillow long after you have given birth. It’s a multi-functional piece of pregnancy item that you would like to keep and use even after your baby is born. You can use it to support the baby when you are nursing it or as a barrier so it won’t roll over when you are not looking at it.

There are just so many things that you can do with a pregnancy pillow. It can also be easily cleaned. Just follow the care instructions so you’ll be sure to keep your cushy pillow longer. Look for the best pillow for pregnancy and find out for yourself the benefits that it can provide even long after you have given birth.

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